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The Duckworth Lewis method or D/L method is a set of formulas and tables created by Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis. The method was adopted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1999 to address the problem of delayed one-day cricket matches for reasons of rain, poor light and floodlight failures although it has also been used in events that have been shortened due to crowd problem, sandstorms and even snowstorms.

This site was designed to help a range of users; from people with little or no knowledge of the Duckworth/Lewis method to professionals who would like assistance to do the complicated calculations with ease. This site also allows users to run complicated reports based on the results of the Duckworth Lewis calculations

The calculator on this site is based on the standard edition of the calculations which are accurate for first innings scrores of up to 235, the resource table used is the most up-to-date as per the 2004 revision 2 duckworth/lewis ball-by-ball table. The Professional edition of Duckworth-Lewis (aka CODA) would be used by officials for first innings scores greater than 235.

There are many very well written articles on the internet regarding the Duckworth Lewis method so we have provided the best-on-the-web external links for your viewing. Please try our calculator against the examples in the articles for a calculated summary of the resources lost for each innings.

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The Duckworth Lewis Method explained here is used by T20 Cricket and One Day Internation Cricket. Duckworth Lewis Professional is called CODA which is used by official match scorers. We will update this site with a newer Duckworth Lewis Calculator as soon as the new calculations are released but until then please use our Duckworth Lewis Calculator as a guide. Many Thanks from the Duckworth Lewis Method